since 2005, it has been the goal of the evans group to complete a circle of commerce and
social impact both locally and globally.  we strive to do this through promoting high-quality domestic work, forward design,
craftsmanship, and small business.

job training
all employees at the evans group receive job training, to further their skills,
as part of an ascending job ladder. employees receive training in english, specialized sewing,
and patternmaking classes in effort to provide the highest level of quality for our customers,
and the opportunity at a higher-paying position for the employee.

school uniform program
since 2005, the evans group's customers have donated their excess fabrics, to be sewn into school uniforms
for school children in ngaye mekke, senegal.  the uniforms are sewn during production down-times,
with more than 2000 uniforms donated to date.  taking the program a step further, the factory label
now donates one uniform per garment sold at the retail and wholesale level.

shoe program
the evans group is working with the village of ngaye mekke, senegal, to establish a program for prototyping and producing small volumes of leather shoes for it's customers, and for retail sales at the factory, with the village's
world-renowned, yet economically struggling cobblers.  the artisans will work with the evans group to establish
clear communications of specifications, pricing, and processes for exporting.  the program will launch in 2013.


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